Interesting Facts About Mosquitoes

Eliminating mosquitoes around you is crucial for your health. These tiny creatures can host a range of diseases that can prove very harmful. You can opt for mosquito control in Norfolk services to help keep your space away from infestation.

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If you have had these creatures buzz around you for long, you may want to understand a few important facts about them. Read ahead as we discuss a few facts that you should know about mosquitoes.

Female Mosquitoes Bite For Nutrition

Yes, not all mosquitoes bite, and it is only the females among them that do. They feed on blood and derive some essential nutrients, including protein and other essential compounds. These help them produce eggs and develop them as well.

Mosquitoes Are Slow Fliers

Contrary to popular belief, mosquitoes are one of the slowest flying insects. Hence, using a proper elimination method will help you eliminate the mosquitoes in your space for a long time. Flies and wasps tend to fly much faster than a mosquito. They travel at speeds between 1 and 1.5 mph.

Mosquitoes Are Attracted To The Smell Of Human Breath

To be precise, they are attracted to the CO2 that comes out from human breath. It is this that brings them to bite you and your family. For this, they make use of a special organ. It is called the maxillary palp. It helps them follow the smell of CO2 to your breath.

In addition to this, mosquitoes can drink more than three times their body weight in blood. It makes them one of the most dangerous organisms that transmit the diseases during this drinking period.

A mosquito control service understands the above facts and can help you rid your space of this menace. They will help keep you away from all the itchy bites.